Top Tips for cavity prevention for hallow’een

Halloween tips, for cavity prevention.

As Halloween fast approaches here are a few tips to help protect your children’s teeth with cavity prevention at the front of your mind, as they go trick or treating.

All lollies are not created equal…… sticky sweets that hang around the teeth for a long period of time are the worst.

Try to make sure that the sweet things are eaten all at once!  By this I mean if you have a bag of lollies, one sweet will cause the acid level in the mouth to drop to the critical pH, where cavities occur and it will stay in this zone for an hour. If all the lollies are eaten within a short period of time, the enamel will be under attack for the hour, but if the sugar intake is prolonged the teeth will remain under attack.It is possible to have one lolly per hour and  have the teeth under attack all day.


What can you do to help?

Allow children to eat the lollies they have collected making sure that this is done in a short space of time.

Make sure teeth are brushed thoroughly with a fluoride toothpaste before bed time.

Any remaining lollies are eaten, again within a short period of time.

By eating a piece of cheese the acid levels in the mouth can be neutralized.

Keep your pets safe for Halloween too!

Remember your pets as there is increased activity in neighborhoods on halloween. People knocking at doors and entering gardens on this evening can upset pets, be mindful of this when entering someones garden

Check ups are available for children, to start them on the right path for a healthy dentition.We are happy to bulk-bill eligible children under the CDBS scheme which they expect to be withdrawn early in the new year.


Have a happy and safe Halloween



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