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Cosmetic dentistry-Now here’s a term brandished around all over the place, and my immediate thoughts are “’one man’s meat is another man’s poison”

Did you know that 61% of us have been attracted to someone purely based on their smile?

There are many types of smile, really, its 19 identified by scientists currently, ranging from overjoyed to the enigmatic Mona Lisa.

I believe that cosmetic dentistry enhances the smile you have. No one cosmetic procedure is right for all. Your smile is as individual as you are. It is so important that we understand, what you are hoping to achieve, and how much investment, both time and financially you want to commit.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures start with a simple polish which can remove any unsightly stains you may have on your teeth. Stains can be caused by foods and drinks we eat or drink, tea, coffee, red wine and betel nuts all are easily removed.

Medication induced staining within the tooth, sometimes caused by tetracycline, can be helped by whitening agents, either at home, or in the surgery. When using whitening agents there is a cultural difference as to what is an acceptable result, the Americans seem to prefer much whiter teeth, than their European counterparts, this is personal, and with at home whitening patients can stop when they feel they are as white as they want to be.

Whitening is more costly than a clean and takes longer, so time and finances may be a consideration.

Tooth shape may be an issue. Sometimes in the fronts of our mouths, the lateral incisors are missing and the eye tooth or canine can be in their place. Canine teeth are more pointed but by adding a small amount of resin filling, the shape can be easily changed. This procedure is simple, affordable and painless we use the same sticky dentistry to close spaces between front teeth, which can be life changing.

You are always better to preserve as much of your own tooth structure as possible. Crowns and veneers need the removal of tooth structure in greater and lesser degrees. These procedures can be very costly, and will almost certainly need to be replaced, the average life of a crown being 7-10 years, the better you looks after them the longer they will last, but be prepared for the long term financial commitment every decade. That said in some cases a crown is the perfect solution for heavily restored teeth>make sure all options are discussed.

Gaining popularity is cosmetic orthodontics. In these cases invisible braces are worn for short periods of time 4-6 months, usually and the teeth are moved into the optimal position. This allows you to work with what nature intended, so natural just better! Cosmetic orthodontics are less expensive than anterior crowns or veneers, replacing the font 4-6 teeth, and does not need to replaced making much more financial sense over the long-term, but wearing braces as an adult is not for everyone and there is  a time commitment as appointments are usually monthly. The oldest patient I’ve treated with braces was 75 years young, and he had an amazing result.

When you take care of cosmetic problems with your teeth, there can be a ripple effect that offers you many positive benefits. Closing gaps, creating smooth surfaces, and restoring balance to your mouth will mean a healthier mouth.  Preserve the teeth you have for years to come through cosmetic dentistry.

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