Dentist in Noosa our first Australian encounter

Settling as a Dentist in Noosa

As a new Dentist in Noosa, we thought we were living in paradise, but even paradise can hold surprises for the bravest  of people!

We have now lived in Noosa for three glorious years. Great weather, great friends in general just a great place to live and work.

Our first few months in the new practice have gone well and we have met some wonderful people, with all kinds of stories….a blog for another day.

Over the last 35 years in Dentistry, in the UK, Australia, Canada and the States, people don’t like dentists, or coming to the dentist! It doesn’t matter how nice you are as a person, people just  prefer not to come.

So Ive  been thinking about anxiety and fear, and I thought it might make us slightly more human, if you knew that dentists get scared too. As with all things in the Noosa area if you think about them, it happens.

Our  first encounter of the slithering kind

Last Sunday, a very normal boring day in the Barnicoat household, you know- the laundry, housework. homework etc (this still has to be done in paradise!) Matt our youngest starts yelling at the dog from his bedroom window. Issy is  our dog, and has a fair amount of terrier running through her. We brought her over from the UK and she loves anything ferral or stinky.Issy was growling and following something slow moving in the garden.

I tear myself away from hanging the laundry, call her in and she shoots past me at a great rate of knots, almost knocked me over!  Matt appears..” its a snake hes yelling, mum its a snake!”

GET DAD….. what else can you say!?…. I’ve got all this laundry to hang. Diversionary tactic too many years listening to patients, who have always something really important to do!

We cant find the snake and I reassure the children the dog will be fine, and if it was a snake it’ll be long gone …Gympie probably by now.

Fear and anxiety

Im now feeling anxiety, borderline fear actually, for the dog , children and myself and Paul too, so I call the snakecatcher, we dont have them in England, and certainly not in favorites…. just here.

The snakecatcher reassures me(just as i do to our patients) and advises me if it reurns!! argh! to get a photo from a safe distance….. not defined…..and she will identify it for us.

Reassured we settle down with the snake pushed to the backs of our minds, and life goes on in paradise.

The event

1.15am The dog is now going mental at our bedroom slider, dozed and dazed I stumble over to the bedroom door, sit with the dog, who is still going crazy.

I cant see anything at all, …. and then there it is, just like in the movies, a snake rears its head up off our pool fence,…. not just a snake …. a …./$%##ing huge snake, PAUL PAUL …. ITS A SNAKE!

This snake is about 3 feet from my face (outside the door) and at eye level on the fence, no anxiety now, just plain fear! Get a photo Paul yells…….obviously my first thoughts exactly… NOT

Now the snake levers itself off the pool fence, turns around and slithers back over into our neighbors yard. At this point its probably thinking…..POMS!   but it is a big snake, and we have time to take a picture for the Snake catcher, who assures me at 1.11am that its a carpet python completely harmless.

I admire the commitment of the Snake catcher, who sent me the text back at 1 am. I know I  wouldn’t have slept. In retrospect I probably could have sent the picture in the morning, but anxiety does make us behave in an altered fashion.

I’ve seen people cry, faint and behave in some very strange ways at the dentist. I have sympathy and empathy for people, as fear is a horrible emotion. Now you all know what scares the dentist!

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About the Author:

Kim is one half of BKP Dental. Being a husband and wife team, she is an integral part of the team. As well as being a qualified Dental Hygienist, she takes on a big role in the back end of the business, as well as the front end, at reception.


  1. Tracey Simpson March 26, 2018 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    Love it. Great yarn Kim.

    • Kim Barnicoat December 6, 2018 at 2:56 pm - Reply

      Hi tracey
      im just learning in the back end of the site
      sorry on the very slow response!!!
      hope you are all well lovely
      sending seasons greetings to you all xx

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