Dentures. A modern day approach

Well what a week this has been!

Super moon, amazing and Donald Trump for US president, not so amazing.

I find myself wondering at what is going on in the world? The positive in it all for me is, that it proves that any one can achieve any thing, if they put their mind to it.

We have had visitors from the UK for the last couple of weeks and we managed to spend some time with them sailing in the beautiful waters of the Northern beaches in Sydney. They escaped the earthquake in New Zealand by days, we wish everybody affected by the earthquake well, and thoughts are with you.

In Clinic this week, we have a had a busy and rewarding week. We completed a case that has been underway for several weeks now, a case that required a lot of planning and support to get a young lady a smile back.Its quite something to be part of a momentous decision making process, unfortuately, this  resulted in the loss of all her top teeth, which actually reduced me to tears.

I think I’ve mentioned before in blogs and Facebook posts, about the signs and symptoms of tooth decay and gum disease, so that we can prevent these diseases progressing and ultimately ending in tooth loss, fundamentally this is our end game in dentistry.

So what happens if they’ve got to a stage that we that we cant fix them? …….it does happen!

Its impossible to turn the clock back, and at this point its not possible to regenerate teeth.Many years ago it was fashionable to remove all of peoples teeth, it was quite the gift for a 21st birthday, or a new bride to have all their teeth removed, grave robbers stole teeth and they were used to make lifelike dentures, with the robbers earning today’s equivalent of $15,000 a night!

How would you feel if you had no teeth?

The upside of having no teeth is:

  • you’ll never again experience toothache;
  • you will have the most amazing set of pearly whites;
  • No orthodontics and years of wearing braces and retainers.
  • No one will ever know you are wearing dentures at all.

The downside is:

  • the trauma of losing all of your teeth;
  • It’s impossible to show a patient how things are going to feel or look, until its happened;

I have been reading comments and posts regarding young people losing their teeth early. It doesn’t matter how they get to this place, accidents; neglect; or just plain fear of the dentist, but believe me there are many young people who have dentures and don’t think of them any other way than their own teeth which is exactly what they are.

The Psychology Side of things…

The psychological side of losing any of your body parts for whatever reason is incredibly traumatic.I think of all the prosthetic replacements that we have available in society, from replacement limbs to breast augmentation, but i find myself wondering why there is still a stigma around dental prosthetic’s, dentures.

On reading some of the comments  on the internet about premature tooth loss, most people who have had bad teeth, find that their new smile really changes their life and the way they feel about themselves, which resounds through so many parts of their life. Confidence returns and that new smile is flashed at everyone.

So who has had their teeth enhanced? Check out this link  its more popular than you think

Our part in all of this is support and empathy. The mechanics of tooth removal is unfortunately practiced most days, but how you guide a patient through this journey is very much an individual choice………a true privilege to be able to provide care in our own way.

BKP Dental are happy to custom design and make your dentures.


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