Modern Dentistry- Did I need that filling??………

Modern dentistry is a whole new ball game!

With modern techniques,materials research and a whole new way of thinking in medicine in general most of us now seek alternatives that are less invasive in Medicine and Dentistry.

Less than five years ago, cancers of they head and neck were incised, causing loss of muscle tissue , and to some degree function,and scarring.  Today tumors are shrunk with radiation  and then incised causing much less devastation.

The treatment of the tooth tissue is the same, we aim to preserve as much healthy tooth tissue as possible. Gone are the days of amalgam and cavities designed to accommodate the material, sticky fillings will bond to almost anything, and materials are being improved all the time. Diagnostic techniques are far more advanced, and with a keen eye of an experienced practitioner, subtle changes are noted and recorded, allowing us to monitor rather than invade a tooth.

Please don’t misunderstand, a hole in a tooth is a hole , but the initial damage to the enamel can be reversed, slowing or arresting cavity formation.

Minimally invasive dentistry is just that, we intervene only when absolutely necessary, but to allow us to do this we need your help and co-operation.

We treat patients ethically and we are duty bound to do this. A range of factors are  considered before we pick up the drill! One of these factors is how often you attend the dentist? We aren’t going to say to you “You have a cavity starting, we’ll leave it for 10 years and see if you get any pain!'” Early lesions(cavities ) are checked at six monthly check -ups, with the use of comparison xrays, most are now digital, and the radiation is minimal, usually every year to 18 months depending on how many cavities you’ve had before. X-rays are taken only to see areas we cant see with the naked eye, in between teeth and around the root surface buried under the gum. Clinical photos may also be taken to monitor tooth loss.

With patient education and preventive techniques just because the dentist tells you, you have a cavity it doesn’t necessarily mean a filling will follow, if small changes are made in your diet and oral care habits

modern dentistry


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