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Cosmetic Orthodontics

Most adults will have some aspect of their smile that they are unhappy with.

Previously it has been an acceptable treatment option to cut back the teeth extensively, and place veneers or crowns to improve the shape and alignment of the teeth, in adult patients. This can cost upwards of $10,000.

Today more conservative treatments favour aligning the teeth using some form of orthodontic appliances ( invisible braces)  whitening them, and then adding finishing touches using  composite bonding  This dentistry now known as AWE… Align Whiten and Enhance, which allows you to work with what nature intended, your natural smile, just better.

A course of short-term orthodontics will cost far less than crowns and veneers, and with long term retainers, will not need to be replaced like crowns and veneers every 10 years or so.

QST and Six Month Smiles are two similar systems we can use to achieve fantastic cosmetic orthodontic results for you.