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Smile Makeover

If you aren’t 100% happy with your smile ……. Tell us!

We are very conscious at BKP Dental that each individual has their own set of expectations in what they find attractive. In today’s modern society we are continually bombarded with media stereotypes that quite frankly you don’t see on the street every day.

Your smile affects the way you feel, and smiling is good for you.

Between us, we have 50 years experience in dentistry and I have to say the over the years most difficult question to ask someone is “does that bother you?”….especially if it didn’t!!!

Smiles can be changed dramatically, tiny minimally invasive tricks that are easily affordable can take literally minutes can change your smile forever

AWE dentistry is on the up ……Aligning the teeth with invisible braces can take 3-6 months, at affordable prices…Too Much?? Whitening takes an hour or so and the change can be miraculous…… or we can simply Enhance with sticky dentistry close that gap between your teeth in seconds!!

So don’t be afraid if it’s bothering you we can help it’s what we do and we love doing it!! It gives us a great feeling to know that that awkward young man now smiles beautifully as we hide the brown spot on his front tooth, that his mates have been ripping him up about! This is the nice side of dentistry. Making you happy makes us happy.