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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a safe procedure when carried out by dental professional who are skilled and trained to perform tooth whitening.

There are also products available in pharmacies and stores which you can try at home for yourself.

Professional whitening is a successful way to lift the colour of your teeth to a whiter shade.

Here at BKP Dental we provide two types of tooth whitening, both with great results… the one you chose depends on your independent needs and circumstances.

At home whitening is exactly that. We take impressions and make you custom trays, and show you how to apply the bleaching agents.

The trays are made over 24 hours and you get started right away. Generally, it takes about 2 weeks, wearing the trays daily, for about an hour. It can however, be much quicker than that. You control when you have achieved the result you want.

The cost for at home whitening is $199 AUD

In surgery whitening takes about an hour and we do it for you!

This is an ideal way for some people who want to whiten quickly for a special event, special birthdays, weddings, etc.

We will also supply you with custom trays, to take home just in case you want to top up at any time The cost of in surgery whitening is $400 AUD and in many cases, your health fund will contribute towards the treatment.

Top up syringes are available over the counter.