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White Fillings

When there is decay in a tooth, a cavity, it will continue to grow or increase in size. If treated early we can remove the decay, and restore or rebuild the tooth with a composite resin, at BKP Dental we use BPA-free resins. These are tooth coloured fillings which can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth.

The fillings are best done whilst the cavities are small, and these are generally when the teeth are pain-free .When you experience temperature sensitivity or pain from a tooth this can mean that the cavity is larger and the treatment options change as do the costs…..bigger fillings cost more!!

Cavities are detected during routine check- up appointments, and by using low dose digital x-rays , to check between the teeth areas that are hidden from view.  This is why we recommend routine regular check-ups, keeping fillings small and costs down.

White fillings are one of the ways we can rebuild chipped or broken front teeth. These modern bonding techniques are quick and painless they don’t destroy tooth tissue and can be used to change the size and shape of teeth. A common dental condition are small and misshapen teeth using white filling

A common dental condition is small and misshapen teeth, and by using white filling material we can easily change the shape, close gaps and enhance a smile dramatically all completely pain-free.