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Children’s Dental Care


Children’s Dental Care Noosa / Tewantin / Sunshine Coast

Children pick up on our every behaviour, they are so perceptive they smell fear at 100 yards. It is so important that children are taught how to look after themselves from an early age.

Most of us …….. in fact all of us can think of ways we would rather spend our time, other than in the dental chair.

Here at BKP Dental, we completely agree and that is why we promote regular check-ups for children.

There is nothing harder than seeing a toddler for the first time; when he/she has just bashed their teeth in a fall……they’re upset and sore, and now to add insult to injury, someone strange, in a strange place, is trying to look at the sore bits.

Good dental habits start for a child, by bringing them along to see us when they’re feeling good. A dental polish is a great way to introduce children to treatment, forming good habits for the future.

If you feel anxious, they can sense it … have a chat in the waiting room and try to ask any questions you have in a non-clinical area.

We have areas designed especially for this …… and the children can enjoy playing in the designated children’s area designed for their comfort.