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Custom Mouthguards Sunshine Coast

custom mouthguards sunshine coast

Our permanent front teeth are with us from the age of six or seven for the lowers, closely followed by our upper front teeth by age nine or ten.

We only get the one set! We all know children who have bumped or chipped their front tooth/teeth falling over the handle bars of the bike, diving into a swimming pool, or just bashing into their friend in the school playground. Accidents do happen!!  It’s the nature of the beast…….some circumstances are beyond our control.

If you have a child who plays a contact sport, or you play yourself a custom mouthguard is advised to protect your “pearly whites” from danger.

Custom mouthguards are covered by most health funds, as the alternatives are painful…..both to the tooth and the wallet! Don’t get caught out! Talk to the dentist at the beginning of the sports season, to make sure you have yours before the first game.