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Oral Hygiene Advice

oral hygiene
oral hygiene

Did you know you that you can damage your teeth more by using the wrong tooth brushing technique, than by not brushing them at all?

Tooth brushing, flossing, interproximal, brushes, mouthwashes, tongue scrapers …….what should you be using and why?? No one aid is ideal for everyone, we are all unique and your personal oral care regimen will be as unique as you are!….. that’s why we have so many different brushes and sizes.

Using the wrong tool for the wrong job can lead to tooth surface damage which may require Dental intervention.

You can be shown how and what to use by a dental hygienist who specialises in Oral healthcare and prevention of tissue damage to both the hard tissues(teeth) and your delicate soft tissues, gums and surrounding structures. Gum tissue brushed away, will never grow back, and can lead to tooth loss, some symptoms of this are hot and cold sensitivity, and the appearance of the gum shrinking back around the top of the tooth.

It is usually worse on the left side in right-handed people, vice versa in left-handers.

If you have any of the above symptoms call to make an appointment with the hygienist, who will help you customise your oral health routine.