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Restorative Dentistry

Teeth were designed in nature to work in pairs!

Top teeth and bottom teeth keep each other in position and when a tooth is lost, the opposing tooth will grow down/up until something stops it, disturbing the equilibrium.

In some cases, we live with this, but very often the over-eruption of a tooth can disturb the bite, putting extra stresses on the jaw joints. It can be necessary then, to restore the missing tooth, or part of the tooth to maintain our bite, or occlusion.

I had a friend who was a chiropractor, and she said she could stand in a queue, at the post office or in the bank and tell you who had a poor bite or malocclusion by the way they stood. It’s all connected!!

Restorative techniques have advanced so much in my Dental Lifetime, we are now using regenerative techniques, although they are in their infancy

Dentistry is changing.

Although we can restore teeth bite and occlusion, this is the more complex end of Dentistry….. and the more expensive part.

Here at BKP Dental we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure………..but sometimes we find ourselves looking at and/or requiring crowns bridges and implants ….. Ask about interest-free payment plans and other accessible ways to manage the cost of your treatment.

It’s your smile and only the best is good enough.