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Crowns are fixed dental devices that are used to rebuild or restore heavily filled or broken down teeth.

Crowns are tooth shaped thimbles that cover the remaining tooth tissue completely. They are generally tooth coloured, cosmetic units, although in some circumstances they can be made out of gold alloys.

A crown is cemented onto an existing tooth or fitted to an implant, and can only be removed by a dentist.

Crowns are indicated to restore heavily filled teeth. Any tooth that has had root canal treatment should ideally be restored with a crown to obtain an optimal “seal” to prevent reinfection.

We can also use crowns to improve the appearance of discoloured or crooked front teeth, although more conservative treatments will be explored first.

Crowns are not made here on the premises but are sent to a local laboratory, where dental technicians, work their magic with porcelain and other materials to fabricate an exact match to replace the lost tooth structure. In some cases you will visit the lab so that the dental technician can match and duplicate any unique characteristics giving you the best cosmetic result possible.

Caring for your crowns is essential to prevent the tooth on which it is placed decaying where the crown and tooth meet. The way you care for your crown will determine how long it will last.