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Special Services – The Extra Mile

Over the years we feel that we have been privileged to provide care for some awesome people and in return we would like to offer some services that aren’t always available or associated with dentistry.

They are the bits around the edges, that allow you to access information and expertise as you feel you need it. See the blog for tips and FAQs which may address some of the questions you may have.

Emergency Dental Care

At BKP Dental we offer same day emergency appointments we reserve time each day in our busy appointment book, to make sure that we can see you if you’re in pain and will also provide out of hours emergency appointments as patients require.

We are happy to provide emergency appointments for tourists, holiday makers and for backpackers visiting the Noosa/ Tewantin area and the rest of the Sunshine Coast.

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

We are able to help those who snore and those with mild sleep apnoea with appliances that are designed to help keep the airways open whilst you are asleep. Please talk to us if you snore, or if your partner is complaining that you keep them awake at night…