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Senior Dentistry

Senior Dentistry Tewantin

Senior Dentistry Tewantin / Noosa / Sunshine Coast

As we age our challenges are different. These can range from medically induced dry mouth, due to multiple medications, to dexterity issues for people with compromised movement.

Another challenge is a fixed income, as we move into retirement, we don’t want to spend our well-earned dollars on anything other than pleasure !!…..we’ve earned that!

Grandchildren can be harsh and are often a motivating factor driving grandparents in with “yellow teeth “ and bad breath!!

As we age, enamel which has no reparative capability, becomes worn, allowing the more ivory dentine to show through this is easily solved with whitening trays and at home whitening

The clinical crown (the bit we see in the mouth) can get worn down, and can easily be restored to its former glory, relieving the strain placed on your jaw joints by over closing

Gum disease is a slow insidious pain-free process, so generally it catches up with us later in life. Simple signs like bleeding gums, bad breath, teeth moving a little, gaps appearing where you didn’t have them before …. All easily solved with a clean up and some sticky dentistry

As our gums recede, which they do physiologically, our root surfaces are exposed These are much softer and decay advances much quicker. This can be addressed easily with new toothpastes and a small shift in dietary habits.

Type 2 diabetes is a big issue globally, and gum disease can destabilise sugar levels, actually shortening life expectancy.

Regular check-ups and a routine dental clean will go a long way to help solve these problems allow us to help you maintain your PEARLS OF WISDOM!

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