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BKP Dental PTY LTD Privacy Policy

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This privacy policy governs how we (BKP Dental PTY LTD) collect, store and use your personal and sensitive information. This policy details what information we might collect, how it is collected and handled, and what can be disclosed to third parties with your consent. 

We are committed to maintaining confidentially your personal information as described under the Privacy Act 1988.

You have the right to not identifying yourselves or to use pseudonyms, but this might affect how we provide services to you.

We will only collect that information that is necessary for providing services to you, and will be individually detailed, but may include:

Your name, address and contact details including phone and email address, your age / date of birth and gender, health care provider details, Medicare details, medical history, details  professional of services provided by us, and financial information relating to those services.

We collect information from you via forms that you fill in for us, when providing information to our dental staff providing services to you, fro other dental and medical practitioners whom you have consulted, with your consent, and from third parties including health insurance providers and Medicare.

We protect your information by storing securely protected against unauthorised access.  We do not sell or trade personal to others.

We may disclose to third parties limited information confidentially in the course of providing you with our services. This would include referrals to specialist practitioners with your consent, or where required by law.

We use your information to make decisions about providing dental services to you. We also use the information we collect to maintain your records, for audit purposes and for direct marketing of our services, and for follow up appointments and care.

We will only hold your personal information for as long as is necessary, and to comply with legal requirements.

We use cookies on our website to enable better browsing., and may collect technical information about how our website is viewed.

We may change our privacy terms at any time which will alter our privacy statement.

Please address any concerns to with subject privacy policy in the subject bar.