Settling as a new dentist in Noosa

So.. how to turn your life upside down………down under!!

As many of you know Paul and I have been passionate about dentistry for a combined total of over 50 years ! that’s a lot of teeth
We’ve seen teeth all over the world from extractions in the Galapagos, aboard a 60 ft yacht (a story for another day!)….to dentistry Aussie style.

When we left the UK in 2013, we were pretty much over the world that dentistry had become in England. Teeth and patients we loved, the staff had become like family, but as a husband and wife team, where normally our strengths and weaknesses complimented each other, neither of us could take one more contract change, one more protocol governing the same thing……it had all gone mad!

Our passion for the patients, and our clinic was being eroded by the time we were spending on paperwork, and no-one liked that. We’ll move to Australia, if they’’ll have us we said, and here we are in the wonderful Tewantin/Noosa area…….we’ve landed in paradise.

We shipped the cars, kids and the dog!……to our new home in Queensland. Our daughter accused us of having a mid-life crisis, I mean really, as if ?? (she could’ve been right)…. it wasn’t a ten pound pom adventure either, it was a substantially more expensive venture.

We spent the last two years carrying on our passion for teeth, here on the Sunshine coast, in Noosa, Mooloolaba, and Caloundra, using the time to heal and lick our wounds, that had scarred our vision of Dentistry and over regulation

Don’t get me wrong, I know we need rules and regulation, especially in healthcare , where people rely on us to provide the best care we can, with no real yardstick by which to measure our professional skills

It’s like me getting on the aircraft, with my children, I assume the pilot is qualified and will take us to our destination safely, to the very best of his ability, no matter what.
I believe people expect that of us as Dental Professionals, that will help educate and present all of the options available to our patients, as we would expect ourselves.

So here we are today, doing it all again, and from scratch again! Concrete floor to a calm contemporary dental space where we hope to provide a family service to the local community, whilst embedding into the community we now call home.

We opened our doors some 5 weeks ago, and we are overwhelmed at the welcome we’ve received in the street, and we thank you for that.
Anyone who has started a business knows how hard it is to find an area that you want to be in, and then take that first step towards your dream, hoping that the first footsteps on your new pathway, were in the right direction! …….. let’s not think about the discussions with the bank manager haha!

So here we are, settling in Tewantin, hoping to bed into a community, and feel that sense of belonging again, giving something back.

To all of our patients and staff, from Matford Dental Clinic, Paul and I would like to say a very big thank-you. It was a real privilege and a pleasure meeting and treating everyone of you…….. Such a positive experience that we’re doing it again!!!! We hope to bring the same style of family dental care to the Tewantin/Noosa area, it truly brings a tear to my eye to think how blessed we are.

All welcome!

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About the Author:

Kim is one half of BKP Dental. Being a husband and wife team, she is an integral part of the team. As well as being a qualified Dental Hygienist, she takes on a big role in the back end of the business, as well as the front end, at reception.

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