What to do when you need an emergency dentist?

What to do when you need an emergency dentist?

Dental emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere and it may take time to locate an emergency dentist

If you need an emergency dentist, there are a few tips,dental first aid which may be enough to save a tooth.

We only get the one adult set and nothing is nicer than a natural smile.

The Olympics are in full swing, and it has made me think of the dental traumas that we face in clinic, and what you can do if you or a family member were to damage a tooth.

There are varying degrees of severity consequently varying degrees of pain involved. Oddly with some severe traumas patients often present feeling no pain when you know they most definitely should be.

The front teeth, incisors are the most commonly damaged, swimming accidents occur commonly, especially here on the sunshine coast, ranging from smacking the bottom of the pool, or banging into someones head. If they have bumped into someones head, with enough force to fracture a tooth, please check the other persons head,I have know these head injuries to require a stitch….. and the broken bit of the tooth may be embedded.


Dental emergencies-Dental first aid

Incisor fracture may be small, into the enamel, these injuries are easily fixed using modern bonding techniques and may not require any anesthesia

Fracture exposing the dentine will be temperature sensitive, it may cause children to avoid hot and cold foods, these need to be addressed. They can desensitize over time, but are/can be uncomfortable, and we usually put the tooth to sleep to repair these fractures.

Fractures involving the nerve, which is in the middle of the tooth, are the most complicated and sore. You may see bleeding from the tooth and there will be pain. When the nerve is involved the repair process is more complicated, as sometimes it necessitates removal of the nerve(root canal treatment), and sometimes these teeth can discolor, going darker over time. the nerve also has the capacity to heal itself and live, dental treatment may be over the following few weeks and months.

If a tooth is completely knocked out, it can be placed back in the socket as quickly as possible, and it might regenerate.If you feel uncomfortable doing the the best place to store the tooth is in the persons own mouth, up by the side of the cheek, where the temperature and saliva are the perfect match. seek professional help as soon as possible.


When playing any type of contact sport, wear a custom made mouth guard. Mouth guards can be made by your dentist, in team colours.


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